• Robby Russell - Radio Personality, garage music geek, bobblehead collector, hedonist
  • Nurse Cheril - White clad Acid Queen, the beautiful laughing dancing sidekick, the woman with 1000 voices
  • Together these two are the co-hosts of independent radio's number one weekly garage rock show! The Robby Russell Radio Show!
  • Every Monday 7 PST 10 EST on
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Robby Russell and Nurse Cheril



GARAGE-MANIA RADIO is looking for NEW and OLD bands for possible airplay on the ROBBY RUSSELL RADIO SHOW!  Please send your music on CD to:

The Robby Russell Radio Show

107 Ximeno Ave, Studio B

Long Beach, CA  90803

or Email an MP3 to Digitalien1@aol.com!


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For a limited time only we are offering a free copy of the show to anyone in the US (48 continental states only) on CD!  Includes free postage.  Just email your address from the web site and start partying!  Do it today!

We want to thank everyone for their very kind posts about our very beautiful friend, NURSE CHERIL, Your kind words have cheered us all up over the last few difficult days of dealing with this very sad event..So many people truly loved Cheril . We will always miss her as a good friend, sidekick and person. My radio show will do a special tribute to the Nurse very soon and we will you let you know soon and when. As may of you know, Cheril and Robby were a radio team for over 13 years , although we didn't make the big time , we did it for the love of radio, had tons of fun and have tried to keep the music we play on Garage-Mania alive.
As a friend she was always kind and was a breath of fresh air and shw would always brighten up one's day. We are planning a special get together to celebrate her life and will let you know more about it soon. As for the future of my radio show, i know Cheril would want me to keep it going and so it will. Again, thanks everyone for your kind words.
I would also like to do a shout out to my good friend Mark the Lighter Guy, famous for making our lighters a few years back,who like me is extremely sad about losing our best friend. THANKS everyone

Robby Russell (Mike Ruby Rubin}